Dr. Romy Valdez

Romulo (Romy) Valdez Jr., PhD., is a psychologist, energy/vibrational medicine therapist and Kundalini Yoga instructor.  His doctorate in psychology is from Michigan State Univeristy and clinical training from the Department of Psychiatry at both Dartmouth and Harvard Medical Schools.  He has an expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological trauma as well as spiritual psychology.  Romy has completed Gong Mastery Trainings with Gong-Master Don Conreaux.  His training in Kundalini Yoga is certified by the Kundalini Research Institute.  He has been a student of Eastern religions since his undergraduate studies at the University of Vermont where he focused on the study of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Jungian psychology.  Romy's devotional practice includes deep gong meditation, Kundalini yoga, Buddhist meditation, prayer and contemplation, poetry and singing/chanting.  His current focus is on the art and science of energy and vibration healing using the oldest healing instruments known to man:  the gong and human voice.