Deep Gong Meditation

This meditation was specifically developed by Romy Valdez as a way to maximize the vibrational healing energy of the gong.  It may include gentle yoga, mantra, breathwork, chanting and a 40-45 minute gong immersion.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan is known as the yoga of self-awareness.  It includes movement, meditation, mantra and breathwork.  The main body of the practice is a kriya which is a series of yogic exercises prescribed for optimal physical, emotional and spiritual development.

Gong Yoga

The vibrational energy of the gong  innervates musculature on a deep cellular level allowing for a more relaxing asana practice.  Recommended for vinyasa, restorative, yin and yoga-nidra practices.  (This offering is scheduled regularly at several yoga studios.  Inquire as to how to bring this event to your studio.) 

Vibrational Energy as Teacher

This therapy identifies and focuses on energy blocks indicated by the symptoms and problems presented by the individual.  Various techniques including gong therapy, mantra meditation, movement and journaling may be used.  Insight-oriented talk therapy throughout this process is integral to the healing process.  This is offered as both individual and group therapy.

Sound Symphony

The Sound Symphony is a group of musicians connected by the common belief that sound/vibrational energy is the most powerful healing modality.  A vibrational experience is created through gongs, bowls, flute, stringed instruments, voice and synthesized sounds.

Heart Songs

A heart-centered personal journey that focuses one of the most important aspect of being human:  relationship with others.  Through talk therapy we examine patterns of relating, using examples from daily relationship challenges and exploring them as blockages in relationship energy.  This is group offering and includes talk therapy and journaling.