Sienna Creasy

"I am a Certified Prana Vinyasa Instructor and assistant to Shiva Rea. I was blessed to have Romy play for a very special Solstice class recently. Romy read the room and the flow of the practice like art. The practitioners received a very powerful transmission that morning and told me they experienced the most profound visions during heart openers and the deepest savasana. I also had Romy as a guest at my Kripalu workshop the summer of 2015. The practice was a moving meditation evoking the air element as well as the upper three Chakras. Sound vibration was the perfect component to take practitioners into a meditative state where we could chant with the practice. Romy was leading an orchestra of yogis and yoginis with waves of healing. His offering is a journey deep into oneself through sound. I highly recommend you experience his sound healing."

Brandy Hill

Vinyasa Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Reiki Master, Owner of Banyan Tree Yoga Studio

"Romy has an authentic and intuitive ability to create a place of peace and harmony with the sounds of his gong, chanting and various other instruments. Whether paired with movement, stillness or meditation, he reads the room and brings the collective energy to a higher vibrational level. He is a kind, humble and gentle soul. An event with Romy is truly a gift that descriptions cannot justify, one must experience themselves. Allow him to bring you to a place where you can surrender to the Divine."

Felicia Tomasko

President, Bliss Network

Editor in Chief, LA YOGA Magazine and Boston Yoga Magazine

"If you are thinking of collaborating in any way with Romy Valdez, I highly recommend him and his work. From start to finish at any event or experience, Romy is a professional whose very presence embodies the healing work he does with his use of multiple instruments. The soundscapes he creates facilitate a deeply healing and restorative experience for all participants. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Romy again."

Marian Kraus

Professional Photographer, Sound Healer

"Romy approaches his expressions from the heart. His abilities to recognize and convey harmony, power and empathy are truly unique. Coupled with this deep, extensive knowledge of subjects essential to a healing transformation, you are in trusted hands with one of the authentic Masters."

Susan Currie

Managing Editor, Find Bliss Boston

"I had the great fortune of experiencing Romy's magic with sound in a yoga workshop held on summer solstice. He has a grace and sensibility that is truly amazing to witness and consume on and off of the mat. An absolute treat!"

Don Conreaux

Gong Master

"Thank you Romy for your dedicated work for humanity! You are a great blessing and I look forward to what we can accomplish in the days ahead!"

Jay Gupta

Co-founder of YogaCaps, Inc. and RxRelax​

"Romy is a modern-day contemplative man who has immersed himself into the study of ancient traditions and therapies. He brought these talents as a wonderful partner for our 10-month chakra intensive, as well as coordinator or the gong/sound baths at several of our Yoga for Peace events. He is a precise presenter who mindfully crafts his art. I have sincerely enjoyed our service together at YogaCaps."